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    Contact magazine

    The newest edition of Contact Magazine is now available online. Download your copy to read about acess to medicines: an issue of social justice.




    Contact magazine is a publication of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Since 2005, EPN has partnered with WCC to edit and publish one edition of Contact each year.

    The magazine seeks to report topical, innovative and courageous approaches initiated by churches or communities to promote health and healing within their respective communities.

    To view the different editions of Contact magazine published by EPN, please click on the links below. All other editions of Contact magazine are available on the World Council of Churches website.


    NEW! Contact 196: Access to medicines: an issue of social justice

    December 2013

    Contact 196 focuses on access to medicines; our right, our responsibility, access to medicines and principles of social justice as well as an analysis on universal health care and access to medicines.

    \"icon\" Contact Magazine 196 EN (3MB) 

    Contact 194: HIV and AIDS in the new global era: a holistic approach for dignity of life

    December 2013

    The purpose of this Contact magazine issue is to share learned lessons in the ecumenical HIV response.

    \"icon\" Contact Magazine 194 EN (2MB)

    Contact 195: Non-communicable diseases on the agenda in developing countries

    November 2012

    This issue contains powerful medicine for your inspiration. Even if the overall topic is non-communicable diseases, the reader will be infected by the stories.

    \"icon\" Contact magazine 195 EN


    Contact N°193: FBOs on a mission: 30 years of supporting pharmaceutical services

    September 2011

    The September 2011 issue looks back at 30 years of Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network and highlights the work of faith-based organizations in pharmaceutical services.

    icon Contact magazine No. 193 - FBOs on a mission: 30 years of supporting pharmaceutical services  (4.48 MB)


    Contact N° 191: Access to medicines: Key to MDGs on Child Health

    April 2011

    The April 2011 issue focuses on access to medicines for children. In this edition, several authors talk about the main child-killer diseases, about what is being done to realize the MDGs on child health and on what should be done in the coming years.


    Contact N° 189: Health System Strengthening: Focus on church based pharmaceutical human resources

    January - March 2010

    This edition focuses on pharmaceutical human resources. These are crucial for the delivery of quality healthcare. In this magazine, the issue of migration and other workforce issues are addressed.

    \"icon\" Contact magazine No. 189 - Health System Strengthening: focus on church based pharmaceutical HR (3MB)


    Contact N° 187: Essential medicines in primary health care

    January - May 2009 

    This issue of Contact has been published to give practical examples on the importance of essential medicines in primary health care. Various authors have reviewed the concept of essential medicine. The issue also highlights the challenges of implementing primary health care in Faith Based Organizations (FBOs). 

    icon Contact magazine No. 187 - Essential Medicines in primary health care (1.35 MB)


    Contact N°185: HIV and AIDS treatment - FBO's getting involved

    October - December 2007 

    This issue of Contact has been published to give practical examples of how HIV and AIDS treatment can be made more accessible by FBOs and FBO health care institutions, particulary in resourse-limited settings. 

    icon Contact magazine No. 185 - HIV and AIDS treatment - FBOs getting involved (810.4 kB)


    Contact N° 183: Promoting rational use of medicines  

    October - December 2006 

    This edition of Contact magazine concentrates on policies and structures to ensure rational use of medicines and lists the strategies to promote rational use of medicines, made at the World Health Assemby in Geneva, May 2005. 

    \"icon\" Contact magazine No. 183 - Promoting rational use of medicines (2MB)


    Contact N° 181: Making access to essential medicines possible 

    October - December 2005 

    The 2005 edition of Contact magazine focuses on making access to essential medicines possible. It focuses on Trade Related Intellectual Property Measures (TRIPS), pricing, human resources and community action.

    icon Contact magazine No. 181 - Making access to essential medicines possible (351.73 kB)

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