Who we are

The Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) is a Christian, not for profit, independent organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to the provision of quality pharmaceutical services as a means to achieve global goals and targets on health and access to medicines. We are a Network with members from all over the world. The Network is run by our professional team at the secretariat in Nairobi and is overseen by a board of experts in our field of work.


Why we exist

Access to medicines and rational use of medicines is still a big problem, especially in low- and middle income countries. Healthcare in these countries is often provided by the churches, as the governments lack resources to provide healthcare to all. EPN mission and vision is to support these churches to provide just and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services.


Where we work

Our Network spans 5 continents and 36 countries. EPN is a network of associations, institutions, and individuals who have an interest or are involved in the delivery of just and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services. We implement our projects through our local members that are based at the grass root level, that know the local culture and communities so they can, with our support, make a real change.


What we do

EPN's strategy seeks to strengthen the church pharmaceutical sector and enhance interventions that improve people’s access to quality pharmaceutical services, informed by EPN’s experience of supporting church pharmaceutical system for over two decades. During 2016-2020 our strategic focus areas (programmes) are:

Under each programme we implement multiple projects. You can find more information about these specific project under each programme page.

An important role of EPN is to share information from and to our Network. Therefore multiple publications are into existence and our website contains a Centre of Excellence that contains information for all, health workers, policy makers, governments and other NGO’s.


Who support us

“Alone you can walk fast, together you can walk far” – African proverb.

Therefore we are very grateful for the support we receive from our Partners and Members, through financial and professional resources. If you are willing to support our Network as well you can join as our member or partner with us through donations and support.

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