More than 100 members from 37 countries that serve almost 300 million people!
That is our network, providing healthcare and pharmaceutical services to all.


The Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) is a Christian, not for profit, independent organization committed to the provision of quality pharmaceutical services as a means to achieving global goals and targets on health and access to medicines. EPN is a worldwide network of 105 members (associations, institutions & individuals) from 37 countries who have an interest in or are involved in the delivery of just and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services. Of these members; 78 are corporate organizations and 27 are individuals.


Faith Based Organizations

EPN works with Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) to reach out to communities in the most marginalized and remote areas where government services are limited. FBOs play a major role in providing health care globally; FBOs have a unique credibility and legitimacy with local populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. This helps to increase their acceptability in the societies and ultimately the utilization of health care. The challenge is that most of the FBOs’ reach and impact is either not reported or distorted in reporting due to gaps in data and lack of capacity in the institutions.


The Numbers

EPN has 32 Church Health Associations (CHAs) and 18 Drug Supply Organisations (DSOs), 17 Church Health Institutions (CHIs), 27 Individual members and 11 other organisations, making a total of 105 members spread over 37 different countries. Recently EPN conducted a mapping study to map out the extent of our network. All, except the individual members received a questionnaire. We received responses from 27 members. These 27 members (half of our membership) provided healthcare in:


1397 Hospitals

8244 Health Centres

2117 Dispensaries


They see more than 71,5 million patients per year and serve a population of almost 300 million people. On average our members provide 32% of a countries health care, and this percentage is higher looking only at the rural areas, where the churches provide often more than 50% of the healthcare. The affiliated Drug Supply Organizations have an average market share of 31,5%, leaving them after their governments the biggest suppliers of the country. 


Country Member category Member name
Individual John James Carrol
Individual Spencer Makangwala
Individual Robin Warren
CHI Austrian Leprosy Relief Association
Associate Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network
CHI Hôpital Bethesda
Burkina Faso
CHA Association Evangélique d'Appui au Développement
CHI Office de Développement des Eglises Evangéliques
CHA Lifenet International
CHA Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board
CHA Ceuvre de Santé de l'Eglise Evangélique Luthérienne au Cameroun
CHI Conseil des Eglises Protestantes du Cameroun
CHI Hope Services Clinic and Maternity
CHI Lecordon Cameroun
CHA Organisation Catholique pour la Santé au Cameroun/coordination diocésaine
de la santé à Bafoussam
DSO Pharmacie Centrale de l'Eglise Evangélique
DSO Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Health Services Central Pharmacy
Individual Nkiese J. Kenkoh
Individual Nkwan Jacob Gobte
Individual Richard Yobunwa Gabuin
Individual Stella Bongwa Zekeng
Central African Republic (CAR)
DSO Association des Œuvres Médicales des Eglises pour la Santé en Centrafrique
CHA  Association Evangélique pour la Santé au Tchad
CHI Bureau d’Appui Conseil
CHI Centre hospitalier de bebalem
CHI Hopital Evangélique de Koyom
CHA Union Nationale des Associations Diocésanes de secours et
developpement Caritas
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
DSO Bureau de la coordination medicale (BCMU)Synode Urbain/ECC de Kinshasa
DSO Bureau des œuvres médicales de la Communauté des Eglises des Frères
Mennonites au Congo
DSO Bureau des œuvres médicales de la Communauté Mennonite au Congo
DSO Centrale d’approvisionnement et de distribution des médicaments essentiels
de Bunia (CADIMEBU)
CHI Centre Médical Evangélique de Nyankunde
CHA Communauté Baptiste au Centre de l'Afrique
DSO Dépôt central médico-pharmaceutique - 8ième CEPAC
(Eglise du Christ au Congo)
CHI Institut Médical Chrétien du Kasai/Hôpital Bon Berger Tshikaji
Associate Mouvement Universal Pour la survie de L'Humanite
CHA Soins De Santé Primaires En Milieu Rural (SANRU)
Individual Emmanuel Goumou
CHA Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat 'Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and
Development Commission (ECC-SDCO) Health Department'
CHA Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Development and
Social Services Commission
Associate Apotheker Helfen E.V.
Associate German Institute for Medical Mission
Associate German Medical Aid Organization Action Medeor e.V.
CHA Pharmacists Without Borders - Germany
Individual Anke Meiburg 
Individual Birger Fels
Individual Lutz Heide
Individual Peter Vollmer.
CHA Christian Health Association of Ghana
Associate Health Access Network
CHA National Catholic Health Service (Catholic Drug Centre)
CHA Emmanuel Hospital Association 
CHI Christian Medical College  Vellore
DSO Community Development Medicinal Unit ODISHA (CDMUO)
DSO Community Development Medicinal Unit  West Bengal (CDMU)
Individual Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta
Individual Vijay Roy
CHA AIC Health Ministries
CHI AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital
CHA Christian Health Association of Kenya
Associate Gertrude's Children's Hospital
DSO Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies
Individual Dr.  Collins Jaguga
CHA Christian Health Association of Liberia
CHA Christian Health Association of Lesotho
CHA Christian Health Association of Malawi
Moldova Associate
Coalition for Rational and safe Use of Medicines
CHA Catholic Health Services
Associate I+Solutions
CHA Union des Eglises Evangéliques Protestantes au Niger
DSO CHAN Medi-Pharm Ltd/Gte
CHA Christian Health Association of Nigeria
DSO ECWA Central Pharmacy
Individual Agwo Fabian Yilshal
Individual Agnes Ndasule Ayekame
Individual Egbodo Egweye
Individual Meshak Alex Simeon Dayol
Individual Rachel Odesanya
Papua New Guinea
CHI Christian Health And Remedial Training Centre
CHI Servicio de Medicinas Pro-Vida
DSO Bureau des Formations Médicales Agréées au Rwanda
Sierra Leone
CHA Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone
South Africa
DSO Affordable Medicines for Africa
South Sudan
CHA Caritas Torit – Diocesan Social Development Wing of the Catholic Diocese of Torit.
CHA Christian Health Association of Sudan
Individual Akpene Esther Nyomi
Individual Karin Wiedenmayer
DSO Action Medeor International Healthcare Tanzania Ltd
CHA Christian Social Services Commission
CHI Dodoma Christian Medical Centre, Trust
DSO Mission for Essential Medical Supplies
CHI St. Luke Foundation
Associate Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l'Environnement (ANCE-Togo)
CHA Association Protestante des Oeuvres Médico-sociales et Humanitaires du Togo
Individual Dzimado Koumavi Kounetsron
DSO Joint Medical Store
CHA Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau
CHA Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau
Individual Sr. Anthonia Nakamya
Individual Donna Kusemererwa
Associate IMA World Health
Individual Elias Bongmba
Individual Richard Laing
CHA Churches Health Association of Zambia
CHA Zimbabwe Association of Church-Related Hospitals
CHI = Church Health Institution
CHA = Church Health Association
DSO = Drug Supply Organization



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