Here below are some very useful AMR materials. Please feel free to reproduce them whenever you need to make use of them. Also, your feedback is very vauable so write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond at the earliest. 


General IEC materials

Call to Action against Antimicrobial Resistance 2016

During the 2016 Forum all participants made a Call to Action against Antimicrobial Resistance and they committed to put this on the agenda in their organizations.

AMR Poster

This poster simply captures do's and don'ts of AMR. Even someone who doesn't have much time to read through documents will be able to learn how to prevent AMR in just a single glance.

AMR Postcard

This postcard is just another creative way of sharing information on AMR. It contains a pictorial part and text below it. It can be used either as a flyer or just as a post card (literally). Who said we should only have Christmas and Easter postcards?

Factsheet for health professionals

This document informs health professionals on AMR and shows them actions they can take to curb its rise.



Booklet series - Take Action on Antimicrobial Resistance

Booklet for Students in Primary school

A child in primary school will enjoy this simplified comic strip and most importantly learn from it concerning AMR matters. The message therein is so important as it not only teaches students in primary school about microbial resistance but those children are also considered as a potential influence to their family members.

Booklet for Students in High School

This AMR booklet is designed to inform high school students on AMR and how they can prevent it on a personal level. It is a brief document that has the potential to capture their interest as they learn from it.

Booklet for Students in College and University

This is a booklet that is suitable for readers with a developed intellect. It is well summarized in a way that captures the most important facts to remember and actions to take against AMR.

Booklet for Communities

This AMR booklet is written in an easy to understand language. It covers topics such as: definitin of antimicrobial resistance, its causes, implications and how to mitigate it.

Booklet for Farmers

Booklet for Veterinarians and Vet-Students



Comic Strips Booklets English

Comic strips booklet volume 1 

This first volume of comic strips is titled "tackling antimicrobial resistance: a story of a community playing its part". It basically contains messages tailored for individuals at the grassroot.


Comic strips booklet volume 2 

This volume is specifically meant for health professionals. It is titled "tackling microbial resistance: a story of health professionals playing their part".


Comic strips booklet volume 3 

Like the first volume, this one contains messages for the community but they are presented in a different version. I would call it a revised edition but the first volume remains very relevant.


Comic Strips Booklets Kiswahili

Comic strips booklet volume 1

Ujumbe kwa jamii: "kukabiliana na usugu wa dawa za kuua vijasumu- hadithi zinazohusu jamii inavyoshiriki kwa kutekeleza wajibu wake".


Comic strips booklet volume 2 

Ujumbe kwa jamii: "kukabiliana na usugu wa dawa za kuua vijasumu- Masimulizi ya watalaamu wa afya wanaofanya kazi kwa mujibu yao".


Comic strips booklet volume 3 

Ujumbe kwa jamii: "kukabiliana na usugu wa dawa za kuua vijasumu- hadithi zinazohusu jamii inavyoshiriki kwa kutekeleza wajibu wake".




AMR Archives

The Study Tool on the Survey for Antibiotic Use

Workshop on Local and Regional Actions to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

EPN pilot study report knowledge attitudes and perceptions on AMR among hospital staff in Kenya September 2010 






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