In 2014 EPN’s member in India, Community Development Medicinal Unit (CDMU), established and implemented Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) for infectious diseases.


The aim was to streamline prescription patterns in CDMU’s network of health centres. This would lead to rational use and therefore contain the emergence of AMR. In 2015 Dr. Rajat K. Das* carried out an interventional project to assess the use of the STG’s in selected facilities.


On the 18th of January 2017 CDMU, SIGN and EPN organized a meeting in Ranchi, Jarkhand State, India on the use of the STGs in facilities. EPN was represented by our project officer Tracy Muraya. The results showed that health personnel is dedicated and committed to adhere to the STGs. With support of their administrations they had improved the facilities’ cleanliness and infection control, factors contributing to AMR. However, data collection and stock management still need improvements as to further cement rational use of medicines.


On 20th January 2017, CDMU in collaboration with Assam Branch Indian Tea Association (ABITA) and EPN held a sensitization meeting in Assam.  Medical doctors working at the Assam tea farms’ health facilities attended. Microbiologist professor, Dr. Kumkum Bhattacharyya presented the alarming resistance patters in the community. The fraternity, with the support of CDMU, committed to formulate a harmonized Essentials Medicines List which they will consult in their day to day practice. This list will be used together with the already existing STGs to contain the resistance patterns in the community.


Effective antimicrobials are critical to good health. Unfortunately, inappropriate use of these medicines, in both human and animals is contributing to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).  AMR negatively impacts health, economy and the society as a whole.


*Dr. Das is a consultant with the Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking (SIGN), India – a CDMU partner organization.


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