On March 21st, 2017 Family Planning (FP) Advocacy partners funded by the Gates Foundation in Kenya convened in Fairview Hotel, Nairobi. The intention was to have positive and constructive deliberations to support the idea of deeper coordination & collaboration among partners.
The following organisations were represented at the meeting:

• Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)
• Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW)
• Jhpiego - Global Health Services, Treatment & Prevention;
• Advanced Family Planning (AFP)
• Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020)
• The Challenge Initiative (TCI)
• Evidence for Action (E4A) – MamaYe
• Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN)

During this meeting partners had an opportunity to present their work in Kenya, in open and frank sessions that are designed to maximise knowledge and experience sharing. In addition to providing an overview of the scope, objectives and deliverables of their Gates Foundation funding, partners were invited to reflect on the key achievements and challenges they've encountered and any future expansion / scaling plans they were working on.

After all presentations were made around FP Advocacy in Kenya, some key reflections were realised within the group:
1. Similarities in strategies, activities and approaches.
2. Complimentary effects in data, target groups and methodologies used in Advocacy.
3. Innovation & best practices. This can be adopted and applied by other partners.
4. Overlap and duplication as also realized when partners presented their work; geographically, attribution, contribution and even messaging.
5. Limited coordination and collaboration. This was the main purpose of the meeting.

Following these reflections, partners collectively came up with a fit-for-purpose coordination/collaboration mechanism that will inform how we work together moving forward. It was resolved that this kind of meeting should be held more often to address duplication and limited coordination within the group. A small sub-committee was setup to make the next meeting in May 2017 an even bigger success. Partners were also encouraged to network in between the meetings to further grow the collaboration among individual organizations.

EPN receives funding from the Gates foundation for the CAFPA project.

When interested in the presentations of all participating organizations, kindly contact the EPN secretariat.

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