EPN produces multiple publications to keep the network and others informed.
They provide updates from our work within the network and the latest pharmaceutical news.



Our bi-monthly publication about the latest news in pharmacy world that is relevant to our Network.

Netlink Our bi-monthly publication about our and our members impact in improving pharmaceutical services within the Network.

Our annual publication that highlights a certain pharmaceutical topic scientifically and practically. 


Our origins are in the World Council of Churches. Every year we produce one of their Contact magazines about a pharmaceutical topic that is actual in the churches world wide.

Annual report Showcasing the work EPN has been doing over the many last years.
Forum report We conduct a Forum every other year in which members and stakeholders participate. Here you can find the reports that reflect the presentations and discussions.
Other Publications
EPN brochure This brochure is EPN in a nutshell.
Partnership booklet Intersted in partnering with EPN or supporting EPN? This booklet provides more information about what we do and how you can help us.
Summary of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 A quick summary of our Strategic plan 2016-2020.
Strategic plan Our current and previous strategic plans, that guide our work. 
Multicountry study Multi-Country Study of Medicine Supply and Distribution Activities of Faith-Based Organizations in Sub-Saharan African Countries (2006).

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