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Testimonies FranklinScholarship Beneficiary - Franklin Tarla Ndzi - Cameroon 

‘I was honored to be an EPN scholarship beneficiary (2014-2015). The scholarship helped me achieve my desired academic outcome by alleviating my financial burden. It boosted my confidence, inspiration and provided the needed motivation and career development by helping me realize my hidden potential. I have been transformed positively as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in work and increased self confidence. Thanks to EPN. May God Bless you.’’


Being the overall, best student in the pharmacy department, Mr. Tarla was offered an opportunity by his employer – Kumba Baptist Hospital an affiliate of CBCHB- to further his studies, a 6 years Pharmacy Degree course at Kwame Nkurumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. He has since 9th September 2016 started his training.

Testimonies MirabelScholarship Beneficiary - Mirabel Kejika - Cameroon 

‘It is with much joy and gratitude that I was selected for the EPN Scholarship. I consider it as a miracle that I was chosen. When I thought of resigning from the course due to lack of financial sustainability, EPN came in at just the right time and rescued me. EPN scratched exactly where it was itching. I was able to forget the stress of finances and study. This helped me to study well till I graduated with good grades as a Pharmacy Technician. I also developed new skills in keeping with my career. Through various ways the knowledge I got has helped other junior staff I work with and also most especially the clients I now serve. It has spurred me towards pursuing more education to improve again in my skills. All I have now to say is a big “THANK YOU” to EPN. I will work hard and prove to EPN that they did a good thing to choose me. Thanks again.


Mirabel graduated on 22nd August 2015 from the Baptist Training School for Health Personnel (BTSHP), Banso-Cameroon. EPN is proud to have impacted her life!

Testimonies BoniphaceScholarship Beneficiary - Boniphace Magese - Tanzania 

EPN is glad to be supporting yet another candidate, Mr. Boniphace Magese who is currently studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at St. Luke Foundation located in Moshi, Tanzania.


Mr. Magese was enrolled in the scholarship program in 2015 and is expected to complete his training in September 2017.
Prior to the scholarship opportunity, Mr. Magese was working at Shirati KMT Hospital as a Pharmacy Attendant- (3 years), and at the time only had a secondary school certificate and accredited drugs dispensing.


Shirati KMT Hospital is an affiliate of Christian Social Services Commission- EPN Member.

Testimonies SrSelestineScholarship Beneficiary - Sr. Selestine Restituta Mwanamshiki - Tanzania 

Sr. Selestine was fortunate to get the Ecumenical Scholarship grant in 2015, where she enrolled at the Catholic University of Health Sciences, in Mwanza- Tanzania to undertake a 3 year Diploma course in Pharmacy. She is very grateful to the EPN fraternity for the support and hope to give back to the community after her training through providing and promoting better health care services.

Prior to the scholarship grant, Sr. Selestine worked for 7 years at Kibara hospital in Tanzania, an affiliate of the Christian Social Services Commission in Tanzania as a Pharmaceutical Assistant, but had no formal training in Pharmacy.

Testimonies BerncyScholarship Beneficiary - Berncy Murugi - Kenya 

‘I wish to take this opportunity to thank EPN for according me this great chance to advance my studies. This scholarship to Tracom College came at a very good time in my life when I really needed such kind of help. This was actually a Godsend chance which will change my academic chapter forever. With all the desire I had for academic advancement my financial ability could not allow me. The study is very important to my life since as a certificate holder, my aim was to upgrade to something better. I was not sure when. When the scholarship came, at a time when I least expected any help, I couldn’t hide the joy and my life took a new turn for the better.

My expectations for the course are continually being met at every level of coverage in academic advancement. I feel comfortable and without any regrets. I am looking forward to a successful completion of the course.
This scholarship has stirred up an intense desire within me not to stop until I have attained the highest possible level in this field and have hope in God to achieve this. May god bless EPN fraternity with resources and long life to have a great impact to the lives of many more and be a blessing to humanity. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY’’.


Testimonies BeatriceScholarship Beneficiary - Beatrice Chebet - Kenya 

‘Let me thank the almighty God for the far he has brought me. I also thank the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network for the support which has enabled me go on with my studies well. Up to this far, being a third year I have gained a lot in the field of pharmacy. The scholarship being always in touch has given me a humble time all throughout my studies without any interruption of school fees. Thank you in advance’’

Prior to the EPN award in 2014 to Eldoret Polytechnic, Beatrice was working as an un-trained pharmacy assistant at AIC Litein Hospital an affiliate of Africa Inland Church, Health Ministry.

Testimonies HaliduScholarship Beneficiary - Halidu Idrisu - Ghana

‘This program has given me insights about the mechanism of action of drugs, chemistry of the drugs and pharmacokinetic of the drugs that I used to dispense.’’

Prior to the EPN Scholarship award in 2015 to the Roya Ann College, Mr. Halidu Idrisu was working as a dispensing assistant at Comboni Hospital, an affiliate of Christian Health of Association in Ghana.

danielScholarship Beneficiary - Daniel Garang - South Sudan

EPN sponsored me in 2012–2013 to pursue a Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology at the Royal College of Science & Technology in Ruiru, Kenya.


I gained work experience as I began offering my first pharmaceutical services at Alek Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) in South Sudan, dispensing and arranging the drug store for 4 months as a volunteer. Later, I was offered work at the County Health Department (CHD), Gogrial West, South Sudan. I worked as a Pharmaceutical Technician, supplying medical supplies and equipments to the county‘s 19 health facilities.

With hands on experience in pharmacy and being the only pharmacy staff in the area and the state, the Government officially transferred me to the State’s Hospital where I served both the State Hospital and the State Warehouse in Warrap State. I actually implemented storage measures and received new medical supplies and equipments as well as pushing the consignments from national level to the respective counties (6) of Warap State according to my job description.


Though I served the population with essential drugs, I was actually loaded as I was the only pharmaceutical personnel supervising all the county’s health facilities and the State hospital with large consignments from national level yet I only had a certificate. It was not easy for me to manage 19 Health Facilities, State’s Hospital and the Warehouse in general but I had to do my best for my people and future skills. Minimal wage by the Government was a secondary challenge and I was also unable to solve issues related to finances and issues that require advanced education.


Professional Journey
EPN opened up my eyes to find career since I was not intending to choose Pharmacy but now, I have fallen in love with this pharmacy career and I wish to pursue it further. I really would love becoming a Clinical Pharmacist as my specialization in the future. Honestly and in reality, EPN brought me from nothing to something. I come from a very humble background and I will never
forget the support provided by EPN.

I appreciate the work that EPN is doing.
Daniel Garang


FranklinScholarship Beneficiary - Franklin Tarla - Ghana

Following my brilliant performance at the pharmacy technician program, part of the Ecumenical Scholarship Program, coming out as the overall best student in the pharmacy department, I have been offered the opportunity by my employer to further my studies. Sir I wish to notify you that I have been offered admission to read pharmacy in the Nkwame Nkrumah University Science and technology Ghana. I have been admitted into the pharmacy D program, a six years program. Considering the challenges we face on a daily basis, I taught it will be wise to make use of this life time opportunity. 


I thank EPN for the scholarship that made me perform extremely well. It is due to that performance that I have been favored by my employer to go to school.  I promise to provide any information at any time required by EPN. Once more thanks to EPN, GOD bless EPN and continue to provide so that you can meet the needs of others. 


Franklin Tarla Ndzi
Beneficiary EPN scholarship

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