Delivering good pharmaceutical services requires a high level of skills. Medicines need to be handled with care; the selection, the procurement, the storage and the distribution, each entail complex steps that cannot be performed without special training and studying. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists are very well trained professionals who ensure pharmaceutical services are carried out with accuracy and according to defined standards. But in faith based health institutions, pharmaceutically trained personnel are rare. Especially small health facilities cannot afford to hire them or don’t see the need for them. Instead, the pharmaceutical work is done by nurses or other available staffs leading to poor access and rational use.



EPN seeks to improve the situation though two strategic objectives, firstly to promote and enhance professionalism and good governance through training and education, and secondly, to support the delivery of efficient and effective pharmaceutical services among faith-based health systems. These objectives are addressed through the following strategies: 


  • Develop and disseminate comprehensive guidelines for pharmaceutical supply management and standards for pharmacy services - EPN develops guidelines for good pharmaceutical services. Those standards ensure a constant quality.
  • Perform capacity building and skills development activities for pharmacy services- EPN facilitates on the job trainings for staff of health facilities. 
  • Facilitate exchange of best practices in pharmacy services among network members - EPN members learn from each other and follow their own good examples through among others EPNs publications and Forum.
  • And lastly promote issues of professionalism, transparency and good governance among leaders in faith-based health systems – EPN creates awareness for the necessity of pharmaceutical trained personnel. A well managed pharmacy makes a big difference in service delivery and even generates income for the health facility. 

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