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The Wellcome Trust, in partnership with the UK, Thai and Ghanaian governments, and the UN Foundation held a Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance event on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Samuel Shangu (EPN, Program Officer) attended the event to represent ReAct Africa and EPN members. This was very opportune, especially so soon after the ReAct Africa conference on AMR held in September in Nairobi which was hosted by EPN and ReAct.

The Work-Plan of the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group on AMR (UN-IACG) was revealed and included the following:


  •     Linking AMR to the SDGs.
  •     Mapping of AMR activities based on the 5 GAP objectives.
  •     Goal setting for AMR so as to easily measure progress.
  •     Deliberate on the question of a Global mechanism of dealing with the AMR problem (as the IACG is an ad hoc agency).


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On AMR, 3 things are most important according to the AMR reviews and recommendations report:

  •     Public awareness,
  •     Sanitation and hygiene and,
  •     Surveillance.


Some take away points;


  • We need to consider strengthening health systems. Efforts to discover new antibiotics may be undermined as the medicines yielded could end up in weak health systems that that lack the capacity to preserve these new molecules.
  • We cannot have a one size fits all solution. Low and middle- income countries need to be engaged to come up with solutions that work in their contexts.
  • On this last point and of interest to Africa, EPN through ReAct, is well placed to host such a meeting in Africa by enhancing the current ReAct Africa annual conference.

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