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The objective of EPN’s Research and Information sharing programme is “to provide information on pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical- supply management and services to network members, and to conduct relevant research for and on the use of pharmaceuticals and service provision in the church health system.A strong evidence base on the role and impact of Faith-based Organizations (FBO’s) in the provision of health services is essential to increase their visibility as professional and viable partners. This evidence is also critical to identify ways to improve access to and the rational use of medicines.EPN also aims to support its members by serving as a channel of credible and relevant information regarding trends and policies related to pharmaceutical services and supply management. And we facilitate contact and knowledge exchanges between the members of the network.



EPN seeks to implement activities that will increase the evidence and the visibility of the pharmaceutical services provided by the church health sector. Therefore we are looking to partner with academic and other institutions to conduct relevant research on pharmaceutical access, use and management systems, and service provision. We develop and maintain a registry of consultants among network members and facilitate consulting services within the network and externally. We encourage and facilitate members to share their experiences and best practices within the network and externally using our own publications or publications from third parties. Lastly, we improve the network’s website and encourage members to integrate EPN related guidelines, standards, and information on their websites.

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